Jim Cartwright – Owner/Trainer


Jim Cartwright (pictured holding the atlas stone) is a Level 1 and Strongman Certified CrossFit instructor.  Growing up in Valley City, Ohio and attending Buckeye High School, Jim was active in his youth, playing football and track before graduating and attending South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.  Afterwards, Jim enlisted in the Marine Corp.

Jim has continued to stay active, having run the Columbus Marathon, various adventure races, and moved mountains (not literally) through power lifting in the 1980s and 90s. Having drifted between programs in the past due to boredom or lack of challenge, Jim has found a calling with CrossFit due to its diversity and challenging routines.

In his own words…

When and how were you introduced to CrossFit? I was going to work at 6:00 am in the morning around June of 2012 and was wondering why there were a group of people running down the road at this hour.  Saw them running into a driveway on Lake Road and saw the sign for CrossFit Medina.  Checked on-line for whatever CrossFit was.  After going to the first free trial class, I was hooked. 

Any comments for new people interested in CrossFit?  Like any sport, investigate if it’s something that fits your fitness goals.  Location, price, class times, coaches and equipment are all considerations when choosing any fitness facility.  Take advantage of free trial offers that the facility offers and speak with the members and get their impressions of the facility and why they decided to join. 


John Gilbert – Trainer


Also possessing a Level 1 and Strongman CrossFit Certification, John grew up in Rochester, New York, attending McQuaid Jesuit High School before moving onto Loyola University in Maryland.

A former lacrosse and basketball player, John has forsaken other sports to participate in the sport of keeping up with his kids! Hide and seek , Ultimate Tag (for which we have yet to implement into a WOD), soccer, and basketball are all possibilities.  When he does get a chance to make it to the box training CrossFit, he enjoys educating others on fitness, mobility, movement, and takes personal satisfaction in watching them reach goals they never thought possible for themselves, such as their first pull-ups, first muscle-ups, etc.  Now if he can only figure out where his kids are hiding!

In his own words…

When and how were you introduced to CrossFit? A friend e-mailed me about it in 2007… In 2008 I ventured into one of Ohio’s first affiliates, CrossFit Cleveland (in Lakewood) which was just down the street from where we lived. I convinced a friend to try it with me and we were addicted!

Any comments for new people interested in Crossfit? Learn. Set your goals, and work strategically toward them. Use CrossFit as a tool to achieve your fitness and health goals, but please don’t become a one-dimensional person who only cares about, talks about, eats, breathes, and so on about CrossFit. Just sayin’…WODs are great, beer is good, and people are crazy.


Brad Romano – Trainer


As a Level 1 Certified CrossFit trainer, Brad is an educator (literally.. he works in education). Having attended Garfield Heights High School, Brad graduated with his Masters from CSU and has coached sports at various levels including youth wrestling, youth football, and high school wrestling. As you can guess from that resume, he himself was a wrestler in his more youthful days, both in high school and college. These days he enjoys mud runs and tackles them with childhood enthusiasm.

After being introduced to CrossFit by his co-workers, Brad was drawn to it thanks to its constant variety and lack of predictability in the workouts.  As a result, he attributes CrossFit, at least in part, to his current physique, which he says is the best it’s been since college.

In his own words…

What do you like most about coaching others in Crossfit? I like to see people achieve higher levels than they thought they could. Helping them attain the unattainable is rewarding.

Any comments for new people interested in Crossfit? Give it a try and keep an open mind. Don’t perform outside of your current fitness level. Strength, speed, and endurance will develop over time. Above all else, have fun with the other athletes at the box.


Caleb Barney – Trainer


Born and raised in Medina, Ohio, Caleb attended Buckeye High School. Being an athlete his entire life, he played all sports growing up, focusing on baseball, but also wrestling, running cross country and track, and playing pickup basketball and football. With such a focus on athletics it was no question where his interests were going into college.

He went to Buckeye High so I suppose it was preordained that he’d attend OSU, since they’re the Buckeyes. There he gained his Bachelor’s of Science, majoring in Dietetics with a minor in Exercise Physiology. He’s been a Personal Trainer since 2010, becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist in October 2012 and passing his CrossFit Level 1 course in January 2013.

In his own words…

When and how were you introduced to CrossFit? I was introduced to CrossFit probably in the summer of 2010, but I didn’t start consistently doing it until 2011. My uncle introduced it to me by having me do Fran in one of his classes. It was awful! But I liked the challenge and wanted to keep getting better, so I decided to stick with it.

What has CrossFit done for you? The biggest thing I have gained from CrossFit is the friendships I’ve made. I think that there is a bond between those who workout together, especially when you know the pain that the other person is going through to complete the workout.

Any comments for new people interested in CrossFit? Just stick with the workouts. It will greatly improve your fitness level and it gets “easier” as you continue through your fitness journey. If you put the work in, you will get better.


Allison Morgan – Trainer/Part-fish


Allison was born in sunny Florida, but raised in Strongsville, Ohio where she attended high school.

As anyone that has run with Allison can attest, she is a cardio beast, thanks in large part to her non-CrossFit training background. She has been swimming competitively for the past 15 years, including throughout high school and college. In addition to that, she has been competing in triathlons for the past 5 years and continues to run in various races for different causes.

After being introduced to CrossFit by friends, she took to it immediately, enjoying the competitive nature of the workouts, but also the comradely that it builds between the members. It wasn’t long before she got her Level 1 Certification as she’s a natural trainer, spreading her enthusiasm for fitness and enjoying teaching people skills they can’t learn in a regular gym.

In her own words…

Any comments for new people interested in CrossFit? There is nothing like CrossFit! It’s always a great workout in a positive atmosphere, surrounded by knowledgeable coaches and amazing people.


Nicole Weidokal – Trainer


 Raised in Medina and now raising her family here, Nicole has seen many of the changes that Medina has gone through in the past 30+ years.  As a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Nicole does not fit what you might expect the typical ‘trainer’ profile to be.  She was not an athlete in high school and after graduating from Kent State with a Communications degree, she spent most of her time building a career behind a desk and raising a family at home.  In fact, fitness and healthy eating only recently became a part of her lifestyle.  You may be able to relate!  She now enjoys trying new things with her active family through her new-found fitness developed through CrossFit, including cycling, hiking and rock climbing.

Nicole was introduced to CrossFit by her husband, Tom, who started just a couple of months before she did.  They both found the variety of the workouts and the fun of the comradery to be great motivators not only during the workouts but to keep coming back for more!  They can both be found at the 6 AM class most mornings during the week.
Asked what she would say to those who may be hesitant to try CrossFit…
“Don’t be intimidated by the use of a barbell or the intensity of the workouts.  I’d never been in a weight room before and wouldn’t have been able to tell you the difference between a front squat or a back squat.  But now that I’ve gained this new strength – and I’m talking physical and mental – through CrossFit, I can’t wait to share it with others!  If I can do it, anyone can.  That’s the beauty of CrossFit.  It meets you right where you are – regardless of fitness level or experience (or lack thereof, in my case!) – and takes you where you never could’ve imagined.”


Julie Blakemore – Gymnastics / Yoga

julieJulie Blakemore competed in gymnastics for nine years in upstate New York, prior to earning a scholarship to Eastern Michigan University, where she earned a B.S in Exercise Science.  She has been coaching all ages and levels of gymnasts since then.  Julie currently coaches at Buckeye Activity Center and Washington Court Athletic Club, where she is also an exercise instructor.  While participating in Yoga Classes, she began to understand and appreciate the similar qualities between yoga and gymnastics.   Married to Cary, they have three daughters:  Bailey, Teiley and Mary Beth.  They have resided in Medina for 22 years.