Not keeping track of your WOD times? You should! Here’s how!

One of the defining characteristics of CrossFit is that the workouts are measurable. That’s not just so you can brag to your non-CrossFit friends that you “did Amanda” in 3 minutes while they snicker and laugh at you. Your WOD times and scores are benchmarks of your fitness level at a single point in time. Recording them allows you to track your progress on a longer term basis. At CFM, even our custom WODs are given index numbers (CFMxxx) so that if they crop up six months or a year later, you can easily reference the last time you did that WOD and see how much more ass you kick now versus then!

With that goal in mind, every weekday WOD gets posted here on the CFM website. But if you have an app for your phone that accepts custom RSS feeds, then you can have them imported into that app to make it super easy to track. We do not officially sponsor any particular app, but many of us use myWOD as our go-to, which not only allows custom RSS feeds, but has a great collection of named wods, a section to record one-rep maxes, custom timers, and a variety of other useful features. If you’d like to get myWOD setup with CFM’s custom RSS feed of daily WODS, here a quick run-down of how to do it:

1) Download the myWOD app to your phone. Here’s a link to each version, depending on whether you’re rolling with an iPhone or Android.

iOS version
Android version

2) After entering the program, tap the “Common” tab on the bottom. Here is where you’ll find a bevy of named WODs, and also a place to add you own Feed.

3) Tap the + button in the upper-right to add a Feed.

4) Type in the box name (CrossFit Medina works just fine) and then the feed URL. The feed address must be exact to work so be sure to double-check your entry before saving it.


5) Once added, CrossFit Medina will be listed under your Common tab as a feed and look something like this:


6)Simply tap it to view the last several days’s worth of WODs.


7) Tapping the current day will bring up an easy-to-read view of it, and from there you you can tap “Add to Completed WODs” to log it with a time/reps/etc. The app will allow you to view your completed WODs by calendar date, or sorted alphabetically. Really, too many features to list here so have fun and explore!!

If you’re having any trouble at all, ask some of your box mates as they may have already set it up, or you can just track down Eric, tell him his instructions are horrible, slap him in the face, and tell him to fix them!

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