What is CrossFit

Whether you’re a Navy Seal, a soccer mom, an athlete or a grandparent there are things you can do to increase your capacity across the ten fitness domains (endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy).

CrossFit’s prescription for achieving overall fitness in each of those domains consists of doing a daily Workout of the Day (WOD) which involves constantly varied, functional movement performed at high intensity.

So what the heck does all that mean?

Let’s talk about functional movements. A Deadlift, for example, is a core movement in our programming. It’s functional because it’s something we do everyday when we pick something up off the floor, like groceries, bags of mulch, etc. Or a squat, another core movement, which is how we get up from a sitting position. A firefighter may need to squat more so he/she can lift a person out of a building, but we all benefit from doing squats.

Now let’s look at constantly varied and high intensity. Constantly varied (i.e. a totally new WOD every day) prevents any plateaus a routine may cause and prepares us for anything. It also staves off boredom. Performing these workouts at a high intensity incorporates more of the fitness domains and therefore dramatically improves overall results.

These are the types of things we do to improve your overall fitness. You won’t see a lot of non function movements, like dumbbell curls,¬†at CrossFit Medina. Instead you’ll get instructor lead workouts, lead by a CrossFit Certified Trainer, to ensure proper technique.

Is CrossFit for me? Well…

Only you can answer that. Because it’s scalable to your personal fitness level CrossFit yields results for everyone who commits to it, from the out-of-shape to the finely tuned athlete. It’s an efficient program that anyone can follow through short daily workouts (ranging from a few minutes to a half hour or so. So if you’re looking to improve your current state of fitness and you have a little bit of time most days of the week then yes, CrossFit is for you.

Read more about what CrossFit is from CrossFit web site and the CrossFit Journal.

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